The vision of Elkin Sports Performance (ESP) started years ago through the passion Jason found from training as a wrestler to developing into a national finalist for the 2001 High School Strength Coach of the Year, to gaining recognition in developing a multi state private strength training business.

ESP is based on principles that not only all athletes follow, but all successful business men and women adhere to as well. These are the principles of accountability, discipline, desire, and dedication. Those principles are the core ESP is built on.

Every client will be treated as an individual whether they are striving to receive a full college scholarship or just trying to make the junior varsity team. ESP will also push the adult clientele in new and exciting training programs and protocols.

All clients at ESP will be offered a program that is demanding and results oriented. In addition, we are not a health club, we WANT every client to show up and train hard. This fact is why we pride ourselves on holding every client accountable to the program that they sign up for. They cannot achieve the goals that have been set if they are not committed to the program.